wake up

We developed a novel franchise system of one-stop-shop wellness centers with 7 areas
(café, food market, wellness store, yoga studios, holistic clinic, life school and tourism)
under one roof.


Provide tools and a path for those who seek to develop a healthy body, mind, emotional and spiritual self-connection through services and products linked to personal evolution.


my role:
Chief Experience Officer
(CXO - 2014-2017)

Our major Earth system problems expose a radical disconnection in our human-nature relationship.

But I find this only to be a symptom of our disconnection with our very self.
To solve our environmental issues,
I believe we must start by awakening our own consciousness as holistic beings.

I joined the Wake Up team to contribute to this cause and
remind myself of the constant personal path this demands.

meet a world. meet yourself.



directors (Wake Up International):
A. Fava, M. Wainstein, A.Cattan
Alejandro Fava
current active stage:
seed 2 funding


PRoof of concept

Master franchise setup:
Wake Up NZ
Flagship store launched:
Parnell, Auckland, NZ
Store status:
Closed by local investor