THE EARTH & ENERGY ACADEMY... a project that will explore the use of immersive experiences for users to learn the most fundamental concepts and connections in safeguarding planet Earth.

The sun-to-planet energy flow, a human changed climate, photosynthesis, carbon sequestration and renewables are the essence of of its core curricula.


project status:



virtual reality, Education, Gaming

project's intention:

cross-university collaboration, nonprofit

Imagine attending the world's most advanced
virtual campus, where you study the big picture of how energy flows through Earth; where you can zoom to cellular and subatomic details and where a classroom course turns into a stunning visual journey.


we want to build it.

In recent years, virtual and augmented reality technology has advanced to unprecedented levels and is expected continue increasing.

What is missing are good ideas for revolutionary content. There are ample opportunities of universities, scientists and developers to collaborate on this.


And what if you could toggle between complexity levels: from the basic elementary information to the knowledge frontier in science?


could this help us increase our
collective planetary consciousness?


friends of this project:

  • Phoria.
    One of Australia's most innovative immersive media startups.
  • IR Arquitectura.
    Award-winning architecture studio.
  • Alfredo Cattan.
    Accomplished gaming entrepreneur, venture capitalist and edu-tainment developer.
  • The Climate&Energy College.
    A big studio at the University of Melbourne filled with smart PhD students and scholars studying Earth & energy systems.

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