an art series about the sun-earth relationship across universal time.

This work represents another aspect of my PhD work onthe global energy transition.
It represents an exploration of a fusion between science, art and spirituality to portray life in this planet from an astrobiological perspective.

It is inspired by the very wisdom nature has shown in producing life-supporting conditions through the evolution of biological metabolisms; symbiotically shaping the delicate balance in our current atmospheric chemistry.

As human civilization alters this balance with its energy harvesting activity, the very proliferation of life is jeopardized. A global energy transformation away from a fossil dependent metabolism must take place for this to be prevented.

By exposing these planetary metabolisms, this work seeks to bring awareness of the responsibility and consequences of the decisions we take in climate and energy policy as well as personal day to day behaviour.


5 illustrations

Representing different metabolic stages of the interaction between this Earth and its sun along the universal timeline. Pointillism is applied. The single point is suggested as a recurrent form and concept in both physical and metaphysical energy.


Experiencing Unity 
Through Separation

At the essence we find both love and fear; complementary expressions of a oneness seeking to be experienced. Expansion and contraction become the medium for this infinite oscillating dance of life expressed.

Yet at relative distant points, where fear, contraction and separation unravel, we can embrace the blessing of opportunity for awareness, and thus, reconnection.

As we find ourselves again in this beautiful universal struggle, we can trust the tools for a harmonic transition are, still, within.



to thrive in this planet,
we must learn from the wisdom of trees